22 September 2008


In the mess that is rearranging the house I decided that I needed some new autumn-y decorations. After walking around the craft store forever I couldn't find anything I liked except a spray of white-ish roses. SO I made a wreath. It took a ton more than I expected but it's nice and full. And I got some cute little green acorns too.

It's the closest to crafty I have for today.

I still have to make my tomato-zucchini soup for Jessica's SoupSwap. I love soup season. And SoupSwap is fun to say. Go check it out.


Amy said...

You don't have to post crafty to get me to visit... Looking forward to that soup recipe. See you at the swap!

Anne said...

Do you call car-juggling and tire replacement crafty? If so, I had a really crafty day.
Your arrangement is really pretty. I think you should do those for a craft show.