29 September 2008

been busy baking.

Last week, my tiny baby

turned one.

and he got a wheely bee.

This weekend there was a lot of cake and cousins and auntie in from out of town. A rain. A whole lot of rain making for poor photos.

And this week and the next few are busy too with more birthdays, a faire, a wedding and travels.

Welcome fall. If only we could get the weather to cooperate.


Amy said...

Happy birthday! Here's to many more.

Amy said...

I'm really jealous, the Faire looks like so much fun, I don't think there is anything like it in Utah!

Cheryl A said...

Happy Birthday to the little guy! And to you, mom, happy blogiversary and happy mom day all the same.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday, William! I'm glad you got a turn on your bee. It was kind of a toddler-magnet at your party. You're such a big boy now!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to your little guy! He's so cute. :) My daughter is 18 months, 1 is such a fun age. More tantrums than I expected, but I love it. :)