21 August 2008

One of those days

Yesterday was the opposite of fun, and misery loves company so here goes:

My brother and his wife who live upstairs had a leak somewhere that was creating puddles in the cellar, and because they work odd hours my mother was coming to meet their plumber around nap time. Because the boys had been crazy all morning I was looking forward to a quiet visit with mum until the plumber showed up.
Yeah right.
The boys didn't go to sleep and the problem ended up being the pipe that runs from their house through my kitchen. Long story short, he had to open up my kitchen wall.

And bathroom ceiling.

And the house is close to a hundred years old so you can imagine the yuck he pulled out.

My brother is still without water, my house is covered in displaced junk, and ancient dust, the boys are crazy again today, and yes, I'm whining.

And does anyone know why I used to get comment emails with real addresses attached so I could respond and now I just get those no-reply emails?
I'll be pleasant tomorrow. Promise.


Tracy said...

Hope it all improves soon. Hugs

Jessica said...

Oh no! Plumbing problems are the worst...I hope things get sorted out soon!!!!

Azzy said...

Pre-mommy me would have crawled up into a ball and hit under the covers or maybe grabbed a bottle of wine. The wine is still an option, or going out for some fresh air...

(((hugs))) I wish we had a plumber in the family... Masons, check. Electrician, check. Carpentry, check. The big question now is who can we marry off to one?

Amy said...

No need to be pleasant with us - you're among friends and we've all been there! Aargh - that sucks. I can't help with the comments issue and I guess I can't help with the leaks and mess either but I do know that tomorrow is another day!

Jenn Maruska said...

Keep your chin up! : )

Allison said...

We just went through a similar situation over here. Our upstairs neighbors toilet was leaking raw sewage onto our bathroom ceiling. Good times. The entire ceiling came out along with half of one of our bathroom walls. I'm sure you can imagine the grossness. Any hoo, our painter is coming out today to finish up and we'll finally be done with it all (a month later). Sigh.

Oh, and I'm guessing that the reason you aren't getting comments with e-mails attached is because in the entry fields, blogger is no longer asking for e-mail addresses.



Simone said...

Have a lie down in a darkened room. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Anne said...

Is everything fixed now?