07 July 2008

a thriftastic morning

This may be the most I have ever spent at my local thrift store. at any thrift store. Tee and I did really great. And with two carriages, four kids and a big wheel, we deserved it! I got an amazing haul this morning of:

all these shirts (and one orange one my inner Virgo wouldn't let in the shot) for just 99 cents each. Hooray for 99 cent Mondays!

They're to be cut into bags for the Fairhaven Farmer's Market next week. They're all nice but, couple are really nice though. They might go to Paul.

And this great little pattern that was actually in my size; or at least close.

This awesome chair, also 99 cents. It needs new feet but that's no big deal at all now is it?

And a couple pillowcases, a sheet, a linen skirt, a cute plaid bucket hat for H, a rattle for W. I told you it was a lot!

And we'll be having an all thrifted meal tonight with bread in this great wire basket,

The table covered with this funky little cloth,

and dinner on this great rooster platter.

I'll be sure to use some of my thrifted glasses to complete the garish rainbow it's sure to be.

Not to mention we'll be having my favourite: Green beans straight from the garden. (there goes blogger again, loading photos anyway it pleases.....)

The only thing that loves these beans more than me?

These beetles.


Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

WHOA! Looks like you pulled in some good stuff. Can't wait to see the bags you make!!

-Tee- said...

I was sooo meaning to post my finds, but after coming home and starting to go through the basement and sunroom to find stuff for our yard sale, I'm wiped!! Maybe tomorrow... lol. Oh, I found some stuff you might like though... hehe!!

Jessica said...

You certainly made out thrifting! I haven't had a good thrifting day in a while now. I cannot wait to see the bags that you make out of those shirts-if it works out awesome could you make a tutorial so I could make some as well?

elizabeth said...

if I can figure it out, I'll definately put up a tutorial.

Rachael Rabbit said...

I love old cotton shirts - I turn them into baby quilts ;-)

Cheryl A said...

I want that bread basket!

Brenda said...

Love that rooster plate. My favorite.