14 July 2008

playgrounds and blueberries and markets, oh my!

It was a very full weekend, with playground time,

blueberry picking,

lunch at our favourite pizza shop,
and of course the Fairhaven Market.

This is our booth. Look at all of Anne's great bags! We need a sign, so we need a name. Stop by her blog and give us some suggestions! I mean give us some suggestions, please.
Who else made it to a farmer's market this weekend?

Today I'm off to salvage more material at 99 cent day. Wish me luck.


Cheryl A said...

We go to the market here every week and pick up our groceries. Of course, there is also brunch of Belgian waffles or a mango lassi for the Monster and jumping in the bouncy castle.
Your bags are looking great! I hope you sell a tonne.

Jessica said...

I hit up the farmer's market this weekend. I think it is my absolute favorite part of summer, besides the warm weather and sun, of course! Whenever I go to the market I wish I had a little booth selling bags and jams and cookies....someday! I hope you had luck finding some great material!

-Tee- said...

Ok so I just left Anne's site and I thought of name, that you both will probably hate, but I'm throwing it out there... "the bag ladies"... hehe!

Katie said...

The other day at the supermarket they had a table setup with used books - All procedes were going to Prostate Cancer research. One caught my eye called Making & Selling Herbal Crafts In it, it has lots of good info about setting up booths for market and how to display your items with cheap props, how to make display racks etc. It might be worth the couple bucks to grab a used copy from Amazon. Plus it has a couple cute crafts in it :-)

And to bounce off Tee's idea you could jazz it up and be the Bag Hags. LOL That would be attention grabbing!