10 July 2008

I promise to not make this into a Farmer's Market blog.

Farmer's Markets make me infinitely happy.

Fresh food, fresh air, and pleasant people. People who get to do what they love for a living are always more pleasant than average. It's good for the planet, it's good for the community. I always leave on my "market high". So when we had to go a bit out of town on Tuesday I had to check out if there might be a market near our destination. And I completely lucked out because Tuesday just happens to be the day that there's one just up the street in North Easton.
There were just three vendors, but they were wonderful. We were early so there was plenty of time to talk to Cyndi of The Best Damn Granola. The label says "it's fig'n good" and organic. Mum had to grab a bag of Spazz berry for dad, granola is the closest thing to healthy he'll eat. It has raspberries, chocolate and chocolate covered espresso beans. And with a sign like this, how can you resist.

These flowers were next door at Oakdale Farms

with veggies, berries, these gorgeous tomatoes on the vine,

relishes, jams, baked sweets.

Their display went on forever. And there's a ton more on their site. Of course I had to get some of their Dilly Beans. I can't walk past Dilly beans.

And last in line was Puppy Luv Bakery. I have never seen so many different flavours and shapes of pet treats. You can order directly from their website, go see. I love that they have treats dipped in yogurt or carob. Some lobster shaped ones made it home for Oscar.

How can I not leave on a tiny high after all those great products and people? I even made our next appointment in the area for another Tuesday.

Find more markets in your area here.


Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

Sandwich is on Tuesday and Plymouth is on Thursday - my mom and I are checking those out next week!
P.S. I have a GREAT idea for a zombie silkscreen. Ask me about it on Sunday.

Amy said...

That is a great reference. I'm going to find our local market and get me some granola! Thanks.

Jessica said...

I just love the farmer's market- If you make this into a farmer's market blog I would still read it!!!! Your market looks lovely and fully of yummy treats. Tomorrow I'm heading to mine to get some lettuce and then out to get some supplies to make raspberry jam on sunday!

Cyndi said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for being so kind and and saying nice things about us. I hope you enjoyed the granola, stop by and visit us again. Ann from the Fairhaven market came to see me in Dartmouth on Friday, I told her I would think about it because Sunday is my baking day. Although it is tempting!!!!