03 July 2008

a grand total of three!

okay three and a half.
I'm trying to make up a small inventory of bags to sell with Anne at the Fairhaven Farmer's market and these are what I have so far. The exteriors are the same thrifted fabric I picked up last week, and the interiors are all vintage sheets I've picked up over time.

Number one:

Number two:
Number three:

And there's one more flat one like this in the works. They're pretty basic. What do you all think? Would you buy them?

I have to try to make some flat bottomed ones next. And with the husband home for the next four days, it might actually happen.

And thank you so much for all the well wishes on my one hundredth post. I hope everyone's still reading for the two hundredth.


Allison Fouse said...

No. 1 is my fave, and I would buy it for sure. =)

Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

They are awesome! I like 3 best. I would TOTE-ALLY buy one. :) Get it? Get it?

Katie said...

I think they're gorgeous! I like the print on number two and the vertical stripe on number one. Great job!! If they're anything like the tote I got then they will definitely sell.

Raletourn50 said...

nice job and so quickly too
they should sell quickly too

Simone said...

They look very contemporary and very well made. I am sure that they will sell well. I would buy one if I was at the market!"

Jessica said...

It would be a tough challenge to decide which bag I would buy...but I would certainly buy one!

g said...

I love this style of tote bag and the color/patterns you've used so I would totally buy one of them! I also like the fact that they are made using all thrifted re-used materials - very enviromentally friendly. Good luck at the market!

jaya pratheesh said...

hi, i'd never buy a tote, (i'd rather make one for myself), but i love your fabric choices. maybe , add a bit of velcro inside at the top to sortof close the bag?