13 June 2008

I've had too many muffins today.....

My biggest bad habit when it comes to cooking is eating as I go.
So today I've already had one blueberry and two banana streusel-y muffins.
I'm all sugared up.

These sweet babies are for the big annual birthday trip to Maine. It's the only time My husband and I get a vacation without kids and we're so excited. We really need it after the year we've had. If you won't be there to share in the muffins with us, try these recipes yourself.
The banana muffins are from sycamore stirrings. They're just as great as she says. (writes?) And the blueberry are from my Mother-in-law. Sprinkled with sugar on top. Mmm, crunchy. I'll get her to post the recipe on her blog.
Lots of photos on Monday.
Happy Weekend All!


Simone said...

Have a lovely trip. I can't wait to try out the muffin recipes. I have already had my sugar overload for the day!

katy said...

glad you enjoyed 'em. I made the recipe again, but used a cake pan instead. Took much longer to bake, but was also delicious too.