16 June 2008

I love to be outside day

Our Internet was down and I almost missed sharing these campsite photos with you. I might have cried. (No really, I'm emotional today.)
We camp at Pinederosa in Wells, Maine every year because the sites are well wooded (for us) and the tent side of the grounds is usually almost empty. There were maybe half a dozen other sites filled besides us and that may be the busiest we've ever seen it.

Run off ditch to the Ogunquit River

All the roots are exposed like this.
Deadfalls over the River
Pollen-y layer on top. makes for interesting photos but really itchy eyes.
This place is always so quiet and perfect and clean. Once a year up there is certainly not enough.


Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

My aunt lives in Wells, ME! I love that town (and my auntie - she rules).
See you Saturday?

Simone said...

I love to go somewhere and breathe in clean air from time to time. I went to Kennebunk in Maine many many years ago and then Plymouth. I wish I had been a bit more exploratory and seen what else New England had to offer. I would love to return one day!