17 April 2008

the first one

Okay, the last week or so has been one big fabric mess at our house. Like I mentioned, I’m making a pinwheel quilt, my first ever real sewing project by the way. I used the triangle directions from Amandajean here. I did my math right but measured wrong so I have odd sized blocks. Whatever.

So, the things I’ve learned are:
The things I need are things that I already love.

My Nana’s pincushion, My mom’s old ruler from elementary school, and my new rotary cutter. (Whoever invented the rotary cutter deserved a national holiday.)

Cutting leaves an awful photogenic mess

With a little practice, I might not been too bad at this.

These are my pinwheels. I like how they’re coming out. Of course, I chose something easy. I’m not quite as confident as awesome Allison ( I like alliterrific nicknames) who tackled something much harder looking to me.

And these are my fabric swatches. I wanted it to be red white and blue because I really liked this one. I think it will make it look older. We’ll see. More progress soon, if the babies give me any time today.

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