09 April 2008

bag of rabbits.

A recently thrifted find that's bringing big joy in our house.

I found a bag of rabbits :

and eggs at Savers just after Easter.

Being pretty sure that Easter was going to come around again next year, I had to grab it. They're all tiny as if they belonged to one of those little Easter trees. There were three types of bunns inside.

There were a ton of these sweet little brown ones:

But these white ones were my favourite.

They're actually the reason I bought it all. When I peeked in and saw those sweet tiny faces, they had to come home with me.

Harry adores them. He carries them around and talks to them and makes them talk to eachother. He's just really starting imaginary play. I love it.

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Simone said...

I would have needed to take those bunnies home too!