11 March 2008

jungle boogie

Yesterday was jungle day at our house. Harry donned his own monkey suit, gathered his little buddies and sat down for some snacks.
Unfortunately the monkeys had just come from brunch and weren’t hungry. But Harry was happy to clean their plates for them. I was quite surprised as the day went on to realize just how many monkeys live here. When the day was out we were up to ten. After nap, which all monkeys took together, he switched to elephants and we read Elmer to another little comrade,

and rounded out the night watching Mowgli before bed. He was so good all day entertaining his friends that I had time to do something I’ve been putting off: I tackled Nana’s sewing machine. It’s a 1968 Singer Golden Touch and Sew. I can now wind a bobbin, thread it up, make some basic adjustments and stitch straight and zigzag. Not bad considering I’ve never touched a machine before. More on that next time.


Alanna Spence said...

sigh... this is a beautiful machine. Hope it works out!

Cheryl A said...

We are a monkey household too. Monsters as well.