11 January 2008

rainy day + cake batter = sweetness

I’ve seen so many posts lately that have left me drooling and dying for an opportunity to get in the kitchen just for fun. It was my paper crane’s mention of village vegan’s post for chocolate bread that pushed me over the edge. Unfortunately, with no yeast in the house, I had to opt for the not quite next best thing: boxed mix.

However, nothing makes a sub-standard snack more enjoyable than sharing it with a very little boy.

Harry sat his tiny tushie on the counter and helped hold the electric mixer and then had his first taste of a mixing spoon (er, beater) There’s no raw egg, it’s just a box of dry mix plus one can of soda. It’s my new favourite quick dessert recipe for the new annoying pancreas diet.
Of course, it helps that I'm a total cupcake junkie. someone could offer a sardine cupcake with cayenne frosting and i would have to hesitate before i decided to decline.
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